Acer Ferrari One Laptop 200 Series

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Quick Overview

Size: 11.6-inch WideScreen (10.08"x5.67"
Resolution: WXGA (1366x768) HD

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Item specifics

  • Size: 11.6-inch WideScreen (10.08"x5.67")
  • Resolution: WXGA (1366x768) HD
  • Surface Type: Glossy
  • Backlight type: LED
  • Video signal connector:  40 pin LED screen
  • Condition:  New Grade A+

Helpful Information

1)To make sure you purchase a correct screen, please be sure to match size, resolution, and backlight of product. If you are uncertain, please contact us with your laptop brand/serial/model, or model number on back of the screen. Our technicians will help you to choose the correct screen.

2)Some laptop manufacturers sell customized laptops, which means a certain model may have different type of screens. In situation like this, we will request additional information to find you the correct screen.  

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