Acer ASPIRE ZH7 Screen

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Compatible brand:Acer
Resolution:WXGA (1366x768) HD

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Product information

Technical Details

Item Height                 25 Millimeters

Item Width                  6 Millimeters

Screen Size               11.60 Inches

  • Brand name:QuYing
  • Compatible brand:Acer
  • Model number:E1-570G-33214G
  • Application:Laptop
  • Component Type:LCD Screen
  • Backlight:LED
  • Glass:Glossy o mattE
  • Connector:TR (bottom right)
  • Resolution:1366x768 HD
  • Size: 11.60 " (39.62cm)
  • Laptop LCD Screen Type: CCFL (SINGLE) 
  • Laptop LCD Screen Connector: 30 Pins 

About Display :

The 11.6 inch display (16:9 screen ration and 1,366 x 768 pixels resolution) of the Acer Aspire ZH7 is mediocre at best. The brightness of the screen is good enough to overcome the distracting reflections on it during indoors use. 

This impression is confirmed by the measured values: thanks to the LED backlight the display has balanced illumination, but this balance gets disturbed when the brightness is maximized. The 200 cd/m2 brightness level promised by Acer is not quite reached by the display and the minimum brightness level is a very dark 12.5 cd/m2. The relatively high black value results in a contrast of 174:1 which is not especially good.

The measured values confirm that the panel used in the Acer Aspire ZH7 is the same as the one used in its predecessor,

The use of the Acer Aspire ZH7 outdoors in direct sunlight is not recommended as the reflections of the display and the rather low brightness levels hinder a clear legibility of the characters shown on screen.

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